flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow

flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow

I was going to swimming BUT I saw a sign on the door.  I was a bit annoyed by the sing on the door.  I went back to the car to wait until the sign has gone of the door. When I was about to cross the rood the sign was gone of the door. I was so glad I breasted into flames because I was so happy. When they opened the door  there was a huge celebrated for me.  Tomorrow I have to go to a white classroom. In the white classroom there is 13 tables with 26 students around all 13 tables.   

giant footprints

One day I went to the park when all of a sudden I saw two giant footprints in the ground.

It was a mystery to solve at the park my friend said “what’s that’. “I don’t know” Bella replied.

“I think they are giant footprints?” WHAT! I told you   giant footprints. I thought there was no such thing as giant footprints. You thought in correctly. I did not you did no I didn’t you did. What is going on here girls nothing they both said. I don’t believe you two tell me the troth both of you now. I TOLD YOU TO TELL ME why did you tell me. We thought will get in tubal.

… then suddenly it went dark…

… then suddenly it went dark

 My friend charlotte and I were having a sleepover. We were playing a game when suddenly it went dark. Charlotte’s dad came home from work and asked “who turned off the power?” Both of them said no one did we thought you did then if you did not do it then who did it? Charlotte’s dad told use to go to bed now because it was1:00am.   When Charlotte woke up she came and woke me up from my deep sleep. 

Charlotte got a friar when I woke up at midday. When I woke up Charlotte was at school then I got ready for school then I went to school for the rest of the day.

Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered Violin 100wc

Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered Violin

Isabel my sister, can be annoying some times.

Scarlet sits on a cushion with her violin.

Scarlet went outside and watered her garden.

Tash had also watered her plants.

Tash and Scarlet became friends all of a sudden because they are neighbours.

Then Tash’s DAD and MUM came outside because Tash took too long.

Tash ,Scarlet and Isabel went to the Mac for a swim. It took me, Scarlet and Isabel 15 min to get to the pool by car for Isabel’s swimming lesson.


100wc …But then the flash made me…

…But then the flash made me…

Tash went on a school tour with her friends, then we saw a flash, then my friends and I moved up the line. When the flash went off I asked who was that who made the flash but no one   answered. The leader asked what happened and one of the kids says that there was a flash at the back of the line. When the kid who did it they got in a lot of trouble when we were leaving the school then that kids grandparents and parents where told. The kids name is Bob.


THE END. By Tash.

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